Shalom aleichem,

I hope the same for me.

I’m still here.

The last few months have been a bitch. I’d tell you about it but you could just listen to any sad, country music song and pretty much get the drift. Hell, even my dog got sick. But I’m here, dammit. I’ve survived serious illness, surgery, more illness, job instability, car failure, pay cuts, hospital bills, ad nauseam but by G-d, I’m still here.

Thanks for checking on me/blog me.

I guess I never really noticed how much I take consistency for granted until my only constant was life’s inconsistency.  Heraclitis had at least that much right.  With all that crazy going on, any stray bit of sane has been a welcome relief. Every day, without fail, you checked my blog. Thanks for checking on me.

I miss you.

I’ve started dozens of posts and somehow never got around to finishing any of them. When things get the way they’ve been, it’s difficult to write anything witty or uplifting. I mean, it’s not been all bad. Some pretty amazing, fun, and happy times have been had. It’s just that all the other has blocked my creativity. But I’ve thought about writing. A lot. And I will try to write more often cause I miss you.