The mythologically challenged may not understand the title reference so for their sake, a quick introduction: Set, this is everybody…everybody, this is Set.  Set is an Egyptian trickster god who, in addition to killing his brother by convincing him to lay down inside a coffin-like box (did you not see that coming, Osirus?), decided not to wait until “the appropriate time” to be born and instead CUT HIMSELF OUT of his mother’s womb just to prove a point. Yeah. That’s hard core. It’s also exactly the way bad things tend to happen in my life, not when I could appropriately handle said badness but precisely when it would cause the most physical and emotional damage.

Within the last several months, many Set-like events have begun to pile up. Here are some of the most memorable, in no particular order:

-Within a month of returning home from an amazing vacation, the windows of my car started randomly falling into their doors, one after another, compromising the security of my vehicle and costing me nearly $900 to repair.

-Two weeks later, my speedometer broke.

-Several months later, my driver’s side door began sticking. Have to shoulder slam the door to open it from the inside.

-A week later, the door handle on the sticking door broke off in my hand while trying to exit the vehicle. Had to climb out the passenger side. It’s still broken.

-Feeling productive one afternoon, I sharpened all my household knives and scissors. A few days later, my mother sent me a surprise Christmas package. I sliced a two inch gash in my index finger trying to open the package with my newly sharpened scissors.

-A series of plumbing issues in my house finally culminated one morning before work in a flood of dirty, stinky sewer water overflowing out of every toilet, sink and tub. Turns out an unidentifiable animal had somehow managed to crawl into the pipes and died, causing all manner of nastiness to back up onto my new carpet.

-My original iPod broke two weeks before the aforementioned vacation. I bought a new one just for the trip…and lost it on the plane ride home a mere month after purchasing it.

-Oh, and the foundation of my house may be shifting. It’s creating an odd ridge in the middle of the living room and potentially compromising the integrity of the structure…no big deal.

Some of those are just silly annoyances. Some are fairly serious. All I could do without. There are others, more private and menacing, that compete for my attention and I wish for thicker skin. Anything to keep all this shit from cutting its way in. There are times when I feel I may just concede and lay down in that temptingly comfortable-looking box built just for me.

Where’s Isis when you need her?