For those who aren’t aware, this past year has been the first of my (hopefully) full-time teaching career.  As a first year prof, I was *blessed* with the opportunity to teach English Comp II to local junior college students.  This should explain my lack of blog activity over the last several months.  Imagine 40 plus students per semester, many of whom have not had an English class in the last decade, writing 3-5 page essays that examine, analyze, and create basic arguments and rhetorical theory.  Yeah. I’ve been busy.   As this last semester is drawing to a close and I find myself struggling to survive the onslaught of finals grading, I can’t help but pause to find joy in some of the truly remarkable efforts my students have offered.

Take, for instance, this gem from a final essay on US border control:

Global worming should of taught us about what needs to be done to help our plaint.

I’m not entirely sure what global worming is, nor am I aware of how its impact on planetary awareness might influence better border control, but it sounds like something that should be taken seriously. At least, this student seems to think so.